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Gardening: Grow Green Onion Part 1

I love watching vegetables grow gradually every day. One easy and strong vegetable is green onion. Here are how I grow green onions.

  1. Cut and leave 3 cm (about 1 inch) short from the root
  2. Place the cut green onions into water and leave them for a couple of days
  3. Change water every day till you see the green onion and roots grow
  4. You can keep growing this way under water. They only last till they run out of nutrient from the roots
  5. Or you can use a planter after you grow roots 🙂

The picture below is after two days. Note that the dark green portion is grown after the green onions were cut for the first time.


4 thoughts on “Gardening: Grow Green Onion Part 1”

    1. if they already have strong and long roots after growing them in water for about one week, the chances for them to start growing in a pot are high. they can even survive even if they were covered with snow a couple of days:) Hope this is helpful.


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