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This weekend (1/20/2017 – 1/22/2017), there was an annual Chocolate Fest at Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The weblink is here. This event is of course fun for chocolate lovers like me. For adults, it’s $15 for general admission. We can do chocolate tastings at most of the exhibitors for free once you enter. This entrance fee truly makes us try to eat $15 worth of chocolates. But we have limits for a day 😛

They have wine tasting for 21+. They have organic and vegetarian chocolates and animals made of chocolates like bears and panda. Kids would love them for sure.


I tried most of free samples there. I would just list the best chocolate sample and drink!

I think the best chocolate product was

Moonshine Bars by Chocolate Moonshine (

  • I loved “MOONSHINER” flavor.Moonshiner The credit for the right picture is Chocolate Moonshine company.


The best chocolate drink was Moonstruck + Sunshine chocolate drink

moonstruck drinking chocolate に対する画像結果

Website is here.





After tasting too many chocolate samples, we needed some salty food and a lot of water to digest chocolates 🙂 Anyway it is once a year event and I am excited to check out new chocolate flavors every year and my mind was filled with chocolates for few hours. I would love to think how to use chocolate for cooking and eating for sure.

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