Productivity: New Year Resolutions after three weeks into 2017

Each year, I try to make plans and goals. At the end of each year, I ask myself, “am I improved this year?” It is hard to quantify my achievements, good, and bad things. This year, I am trying check-box approach. I write down my new year resolutions by itemizing them into 5 categories. Then I distribute sub-tasks over 12 months including easy and hard tasks). Let’s see if I am still on track after three weeks.

  1. Finance/Investment
    • Started two small investments (Stash and Acrons) – DONE
    • Pay car and home loans on time – DONE for January
    • Limit credit card usage – NO (went to a road trip)
  2. Cooking
    • Limit number of eatouts < 10 – GOOD so far 6
    • Start writing receipes and blog posts online – DONE
  3. Gardening
    • Start harvesting vegetables – DONE
    • Start seedling – DONE
  4. Exercise
    • Run 100 km per month – NO (very distracted by snow)
    • go to GYM 3 times a week – NO (only did a few times this month)
    • Start new sports – DONE (golf)
  5. Productivity
    • Blog post count > 30 % (10 posts per month) – Close
    • Automate routine for weekdays and weekends  – NO (need to define routine better)

Result: 7/12 = 58 %

I think I need to improve better and work on more clear definitions for better motivation. I will keep working on this February 🙂

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