Investment: Stash (smart phone investment)

Now, smart phone investment is becoming very popular. I started investing small amount of money each week on Stash and Acrons since last December. I would like to share the experience for the first month. The iPhone snapshot is the result of first month. Fortunately, it is positive total return so far 🙂


Starting Stash is very easy.

  1. Download Stash app from App store
  2. Type your personal infomation with one bank account
  3. Invest $5 from your bank account
  4. Answer multiple questions to find out your investment (high risk, moderate risk, conservative risk) You can switch it later.
  5. Start investing!. You can add more stock options, buy more or sell your inverstment money. You can get dividends once a while depending on your selected inverstment.


The first three months are free. After three months, $1 fee per month for less than $5000. 0.25% for more than $5,000.

Since Trump became the U.S. president, the stock is going up. It is indeed very interesting time to do inverstment. I would like to share how this Stash and Acrons go for this year. I feel that this is better to be long term inverstment with medium amount of money.

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