Gardening: Seedling Part 1

I started new seed system since last week. I used BURPEE Seed Starting 36-cell version. Just for one week, most seeds started growing up. Here are the progress so far. Very exciting and never get tired of watching them grow.

img_5383After a week

In fact, I want to wake up early to see the progress every morning 🙂

1. Preparation

img_5355Top Left: 36 cells, Top Right: Sponge, Bottom Left: base, Bottom Right: lid

2. Assembly and pour warm water into the 36 cells

img_5358After warm water, soil expanded but some were not equally expanded. Ended up adding additional soil 😛

3. Start placing seeds. Caution: Small seeds need only a small hole for planting. Big seeds will likely need bigger holes for planting, but the big seeds have their own nutrient.

4. Better place this unit under light for indoor harvesting. Then, keep watching for a couple of days. Start seeing some difference. Very exciting to see first plant coming out of a seed.

img_5377This was my first lettuce.

5. Keep growing and harvesting 🙂

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