Gardening: Germinating Seeds

Now, I am really looking forward to Spring. It has been raining too much and very cold for vegetables to grow this time of the year. When this happens, I would like to spend time indoor as many other people.

I started looking at indoor hobbies and would still like to see vegetables grow everyday. So, I started using kitchen and garage. Today, I would like to share how to germinate seeds effectively.

Important things for germinating seeds are (1) moisture, (2) warmth and (3) probability of germinating seeds

(1) Moisture – Wet kitchen towel with water and place a few seeds on the kitchen towel. Put the seeds/kitchen towel inside a small container. This will keep inside moisturized.

(2) Warmth – keeping them indoor at room temperature is okay. No need for light.

(3) Probability – Not all seeds will be successful for harvesting. If we had put all seeds into soil directly, there could be a failure and it is possible that we will waste some soil.


There we go. I just started yesterday and I will just wait for 7 days to check for success.

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