Gardening: Winter Harvesting

Winter Gardening is harder than Spring and Summer because of lack of sunshine. I also find it more difficult this year because of unstable weather like snow, rain, winds, and frost. Frost and snow often kill vegetables. Especially when the roots are frozen 🙁

When the roots got frozen, there is nothing we can do after that (very hard to recover). Would recommend to start new crops.

Here are tips for winter harvesting.

  1. Use indoor instead of outside. Room temperature at 25C (=77F) is very comfortable for vegetables
  2. Start germinating with a small container and wet kitchen paper (explained in another blog post here )
  3. Apply LED light. Even regular LED light helps vegetables grow.
  4. Use warm mat to keep soil temperature high
  5. Create a DIY green house by using kitchen plastic wrap. Example is below.

WIth Easy Seed Starting System

Wrap around a carbon box.

Keep it warm

These 5 items above help me grow vegetables even during winter time. It is very satisfying watching them grow every morning even if it is very cold in morning.

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