Gardening: Garage Harvesting

After a few winter indoor gardening trials and trying to scale up, I needed a bigger space but I still want to do indoor gardening because of cold winter season and easy maintenance. So, I started creating DIY garage gardening system. Here is the first week.


Here are a couple of tips that I learned so far.

1 Get a heavy duty garage rack with wheels and adjustable shelves.

Shelves with layers of metal lines will help air flow and distribute light from the top. Mobile racks help move crops very easily.

2 Get a couple of garage LED lights

4 feet LED lights fit very well to the rack.

3 Install garage LED lights at every other layer

For the first couple of weeks after germination, the closer the light source is to crops, the faster and stronger the crops will be.

4 Move crops around as they grow.

Future plans

1 Get warm mats – want to control temperature better for high yield germination and grow stronger stems (winter harvesting causes leggy vegetables.)

2 Get more LED lights – for other unused shelves

3 Start microgreen – want more green for daily food

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