Gardening: Low-Maintenance Lettuce Garden

One of my goals for this year is to make a low-maintenance lettuce growing system for harvesting fresh lettuce everyday. I have tried indoor and outdoor gardening methods and I still keep trying for more improvements. So far, my lettuce garden system settled down to this format in the picture below.


  1. Planters filled with neutral gravel
    • can prevent snail and slug
  2. Red party cups for lettuce
    • Made holes at bottom of the cups for roots to grow through the gravel
  3. Moisture control soil potting mix by Miracle-Gro
  4. Place them under shadow – avoid burning from the Sunshine
  5. Pour water from the bottom of the planters
    • take a break if it rains

This allows us to harvest lettuce every morning to make sandwiches for lunch and salad. Good thing is it is always fresh. No need to get them from grocery stores any more.  Instead of hydroponics which requires grow lights and some cleaning sometimes, this is vert efficient with minimum efforts except the first time when I built this system 🙂 Hydroponic systems cost more than this system.

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