San Diego Restaurant and Food

San Diego is famous for seafood, Italian in Little Italy and Mexican food in Old Town. I noticed that there are a couple of fast food Japanese restaurants like Kura Sushi and Yoshinoya. This reminded me of my childhood when I lived in Japan. Overall, I recommend seafood and authentic Mexican food because it is very close to the border – not Burrito 🙂

1. Cajun Seafood at Crab Hut – this is a chain-restraint (you can find it in Hawaii) but it tastes good.

2. Mexican Breakfast in Coronado – Coronado is a nice resort area.

3. Japanese Izakaya Restaurant, Yokohama Yakitori Koubou

4. Japanese Restaurant: Yokohama Yakitori Koubou

5. Japanese Restaurant: Kura Sushi

6. Seared Hotate with Japanese mayo, found this is the best sushi for me

7. Kura Sushi, Ordering system on iPAD mounted for Belt Conveyor sushi

8. Miso Ramen

9. Mexican Steak

10. Maine Lobster Sandwich at Liberty Public Market – this is where you can find a lot of local and organic food.

11. Yoshinoya – Japanese chain restaurant

12. Italian food at Little Italy

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