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Explore a New Park #17: Timberline Lodge, Government Camp, Oregon |Short Hiking

Introduction | Timberline lodge is built at an elevation of 5,960 feet (1,817 meters) within Mount Hood. There are about two million visitors annually. It takes about 1 hr 30 mins from Portland and it is good for hiking during summer and winter sports (ex: skiing and snowboarding) for winter.

Park Features:

Highlight Picture: 



1.Road to Timberline – Highway US 26-West

Hwy26 -W and Mt Hood

2. Drove to downtown, Government Camp for bathroom break

3. Arrived at Timberline LodgeDSC_0747(1).JPG

4. In front of the lodgeDSC_0749(1).JPG

5. Timberline Lodge to mountains nearby. The lodge is at an elevation of 6000 feet.DSC_0750(1).JPG

6. Timberline Trail HeadDSC_0758(1).JPG

7. FlowerDSC_0762(1).JPG

8. Trail and Mt. Hood. It was cloudy.


9. Squirreldsc_07751.jpg

10. Entrance to Pacific Crest Trail (we turned around because of thunder storm)DSC_0778(1).JPG

11. SnowboardersDSC_0798(1).JPG

12. 10 minutes later. Thunderstorm…DSC_0795(1).JPG

13. SNOCAT Trucker by Timberline Lodge



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Explore a New Park #16: Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow UK

Glasgow Necropolis is next to Glasgow Cathedral. Necropolis means a large and historical cemetery. There were roughly 50,000 people buried here and about 3,500 monuments. Glasgow Cathedral is built in 1197 and it has been maintained well for more than 800 years. (Reference: Wikipedia)

Park Features:

Park Highlight:

Glasgow Necropolis.png


Park Map


Glasgow Cathedral
Inside Cathedral


Necropolis View
Tallest Monument at Necropolis

Duncan Macfarlan was a Scottish minister.



One of the best views to see the tallest monument and Glasgow Cathedral


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Explore a New Park #15: Calton Hill Edinburgh UK

Park Features:

Park Highlight:

Calton Hill - Edinburgh UK.png


Pictures taken from the top of Nelson Monument Tower

  1. National Monument of Scotland

DSC_0141 - Copy.JPG

2. Collective


3. Dugald Stewart Monument and City View


4. Picture on the towerDSC_0162.JPG

5. Downtown and Edinburgh CastleDSC_0163.JPG

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Smart Gardening #5: LCD Display

Now, it is time to program a LCD display with Arduino Micro. This can be used to monitor sensor data (Sensor information), date and weather.

LCD Display.png

Components used in this post

LCD device and programming reference: Sunfounder Wikipage

This LCD has 4 lines (rows) and 20 characters (columns).

Each character position is set by lcd.setCursor(row, column)

We can use a lcd.print(“”) function to print out a message.

If we want to print out a mixture of characters and variables (ex: numbers), lcd.println(variable, DEC) can be called.

Live Demo of LCD Display showing elapsed time

For time and date information, a real time clock (RTC) or GPS module can be used.

Next, start programming a sensor module.

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Smart Gardening #4: Power on 1st prototype board

Prototype Highlight:

Powered on prototype board successfully from USB power. LCD display was powered on at 5V. The light sensor has LED indicators showing power GOOD. Using a multimeter, measured 5V power pins on the prototype board and everything is okay so far.

Next step is start programming with Arduino!


Recap from last time:

Detailed Progress:

Arduino micro has operating voltage at 5V. I like this because most LCD displays need 5V not 3.3V. Te DC current per IO pin is 20mA at 5V and 50mA at 3.3V, which is adequate for most sensors. Reference:

Arduino Micro Specification

Today, I just powered on the prototype board ver 1 by a microUSB cable connected to a Desktop PC. The multimeter showed 4.96V on one of the sensor power supply pin.  This is because there is a on-board voltage regulator on Arduino micro board and the 5V pin may not be exactly 5V due to dropout voltage. If the dropout voltage was too big, this may cause the Arudino and other sensors unstable. So far, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Next Steps:

  • Start using Arudino IDE on Windows PC
  • Programming Arduino for LCD Display first
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Explore a New Park #14: Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach, Oregon

This is close to Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast. One of the best state park on Oregon Coast.

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:



We need to drive a couple of miles from downtown Cannon Beach to Ecola State Park entrance.


The pay machine can accept credit card and cash.

Pay Station

The view from Ecola Point.

Unfortunately No beach access from the first view point.

Another trail was closed because of winter storm.


From another parking spot (Indian Point), there is a beach access to Indian Beach. There were a few surfers.

It said the trail was closed but it was open…




Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
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Smart Gardening #3: Wiring with microcontroller on Prototype Board

Now is time to connect all sensors. Let’s get hands dirty and start soldering on prototype board.

Recap from last time:

Smart Gardening #2: Concept Design by drawing Block Diagram



  1. Define Arduino Micro Pinout


2. LCD Display to microcontroller

3. Light Sensor Module

4. Moisture Sensor

5. Pressure, Temp + Humidity Sensor

6. Prototype Board


Soldering Tips

  • I like using un-used resistors to run wires on prototype board because I can hold it with the resistor while soldering – wire gets hot!!!
  • When soldering male headers, use 2-pin jumpers to hold it to avoid heat.
Running 5V Power Rail horizontally through Arduino pins
Wiring and Soldering completed
Back side of Prototype Board – took about 1 hour of soldering

Next steps

  • Time to hook up with PC and power on
  • Start Programming and test the sensors individually

Backyard Gardening #4: 2019 June Week 4

Backyard Garden Highlight:

Our regular plants are growing faster as the summer is coming.

Now, strawberry season is almost over. Based on my experience, after strawberry, we are starting to collect blueberry. Yes, blueberry is almost ready.

This week, we purchased new plants from FredMeyer.

We like Japanese plants provided by Iwasaki Brothers.


New Plants:

Watermelon, cucumber, bean, and winter squash. Watermelon and winter squash grow horizontally. Cucumber and bean grow vertically, so they need some support.

Growing in progress:

Japanese Long Eggplant: I am expecting in a couple of weeks, start collecting some eggplants. Here in Oregon, we can harvest eggplants twice (July and September). 

Tomato: This year, I am trying to prune tomato frequently. Last year, I didn’t. So, when we went out for vacation, tomato started growing everywhere to left and right and up. When I came back in July, tomato plants grew so much that they fell down without support. 


Finally Blueberry is ready to harvest. This blueberry tree is three years old.


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Explore a New (Ball) Park #13: Hillsboro Hops Stadium, Hillsboro Oregon

Here is 2019 new home opening game for Hillsboro Hops.

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:



There were a plenty of parking space as we arrived a bit early to get to the first home game and free towels.

Stadium Entrance. The gate opened at 5:30 pm. The game started around 7:15PM.

Practice before the game and Scoreboard and local sponsors.

Yes, the Hoppiest Place on Earth.

Everything tasted good outside watching the game. Official Sausage of the Hillsboro Hops. They had very good hot dogs. It seemed that many people wanted to drink outside.

Pitching bullpens. Behind the wall – food cart

Kids Park and Adult Park? (hop garden with beer).

Outside Hopps Store. There is also an inside one by the entrance.

View from the home base. 

Hillsboro Mascot. Barley jumped!

During the game.

Hops were losing…

Yes, Fireworks after the first opening game and last game.

Final Score: Vancouver vs Hillsboro Hops, 5-1


Going home from the stadium was not too bad. It may be because some people left in the middle of the game. Overall, this is a very good experience and atmosphere was great.

After sunset, it got very cold. Fireworks were very good and lasted about 7 mins.


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Explore a New Park #12: Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, Oregon

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:



My favorite Oregon State Park


Smith Rock State Park Map


Rock from Parking Lot


Misery Ridge Trail Head



Hiked up to the first milestone.


Looking down – parking lot was found.


Tree on top


A couple of climbers were going up the Red Wall.


They reached the top!!!


The same climbers were going down through a rope from the top. Very challenging!!! This picture was taken from the other side of Red Wall.




Going down was scary. Not good for knee.


Going back was not as bad as the beginning. It was very peaceful.



ROCKHARD – hiking & Rock Climbing Gear, Ice Cream, and Smith Rock Sticker shop


This is the Strava Log – 5.22 miles, 1hr 26 mins Moving Time