Capital FC Half Marathon Report, Salem Oregon

Here is my half marathon report in June, 2019. The running race archive is here; Running Race

5 am: Woke up and Ate breakfast, had good sleep till 3:30 because of anxiety for waking up on time

6 am: Drive to Salem from home, about 1 hr, very light traffic. The Sun was already up, so it was an enjoyable drive.

7 am: Arrived at the parking lot in Salem, Oregon. Got a bib.

7:30 am: Start the race

9:15 am: Finish the race

10:30 am: back home and take shower, eat lunch, and took a nap 🙂 The best part of running a race is to take a nap for me.

During race …

Race Strategy: Goal was trying to run about 7:30/mile pace and see how long I can run.

Legs: This time, I had enough muscle and energy on my legs till 10 miles. The last two – three miles, I was feeling the legs are stiff. So, next training plan is running 10 miles more often to build muscle on my legs.

Breathing: I felt okay at 7:30/mile pace.

Body Weight: I started feeling heavy after 9 miles. Then I realized one time that my body weight was making lower body work hard during the race. I think I should lose some weight for running a long distance.

img_4094Capital FC is a football team in Salem, Oregon
IMG_4095Finish line
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