Backyard Gardening #2: 2019 June Week 2

Here is our gardening update in June 2019.

Strawberry is close to fruition. We started eating and fresh strawberries are very tasty. We need to find a better solution for garden weeds.

Japanese long eggplants need more sunshine. This year, we planted 6 and we hope to collect a lot.


Last year, we planted a bunch of tomatoes. However, during our vacation last summer, tomatoes grew too fast because of lots of sunshine and the support was not enough. So, the tomato plants started falling down and it was a lot of efforts to recover.

Tomatoes are very strong. Even if we cut some brunches, the tomatoes started growing back again from the main stem.

This year, we are just okay with one tomato plant.


Bell papers are our favorite. We cook Japanese and Chinese food. This is good for stir fries.

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