Smart Gardening #1: Study Data Science in Analog Way


Three-way Meter which can be purchased at Amazon can let us measure (1) Moisture, (2) Light, and (3) pH of soil without any battery. Not sure about accuracy. I would like to use this analog meter as a starting point for smart gardening.

When it’s sunny, luminance level when up to 750.

When it’s sunny

From here on,  I would like to improve the backyard gardening system by taking measurements using my engineering skills and gardening experience and help grow plants efficiently and effectively.

Let’s start the journey begin.

Here is a picture of strawberries from the garden. This is the third year since I started growing strawberries. The number of strawberries is growing exponentially this year.

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  2. […] Smart Gardening #1: Study Data Science in Analog Way […]

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