Explore a New Park No. 8 : Forest Park (Oregon Zoo to Burnside Rd) in Portland, Oregon

Here is the run after work. I ran on Wildwood trail. Today was another sunny day, so it was easy to get thirsty while running. The forest definitely helped cool down the temperature a little compared to running on concrete in a city.

Entrance to Wildwood trail!


Wildwood trail is a very famous trail for runners.

Unfortunately, the trail to pass the Burnside road all the way to Pittock Mansion was closed. So, I just ran on concrete a little to see traffic jam on Burnside Road and came back to Oregon Zoo. Good news is they are building a bridge over the Burnside Road according to this website. https://www.portlandpf.org/footbridge-over-burnside-construction-updates-1

This looks like we lose some of the uphill challenges 😛

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