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Explore a New (Ball) Park #13: Hillsboro Hops Stadium, Hillsboro Oregon

Here is 2019 new home opening game for Hillsboro Hops.

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:



There were a plenty of parking space as we arrived a bit early to get to the first home game and free towels.

Stadium Entrance. The gate opened at 5:30 pm. The game started around 7:15PM.

Practice before the game and Scoreboard and local sponsors.

Yes, the Hoppiest Place on Earth.

Everything tasted good outside watching the game. Official Sausage of the Hillsboro Hops. They had very good hot dogs. It seemed that many people wanted to drink outside.

Pitching bullpens. Behind the wall – food cart

Kids Park and Adult Park? (hop garden with beer).

Outside Hopps Store. There is also an inside one by the entrance.

View from the home base. 

Hillsboro Mascot. Barley jumped!

During the game.

Hops were losing…

Yes, Fireworks after the first opening game and last game.

Final Score: Vancouver vs Hillsboro Hops, 5-1


Going home from the stadium was not too bad. It may be because some people left in the middle of the game. Overall, this is a very good experience and atmosphere was great.

After sunset, it got very cold. Fireworks were very good and lasted about 7 mins.


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