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Explore a New Park #21: Fort Vancouver, Vancouver WA | July 4th Fireworks

Introduction | Fort Vancouver is a National Historical Park and they hold a July 4th Fireworks event. This is one of the biggest fireworks at West Coast. They play music while launch fireworks. They start fireworks after 10pm, which is later than other firework places. So, it is a good idea to bring warm cloths to wait for fireworks.

Park Features:

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How to find parking spot?

Parking is free on July 4th on street. There would be traffic jam after fireworks, so if possible, I’d recommend to park where you could exit from crowd easily. For example, closer to entrance to highway.

There were a couple of people checking car traffic on Evergreen Blvd. You could park on Reserve St or before the bridge. You need to take a walk to the park.

Food and Gift Shops?

Yes, at Visitor Center and Food Cart. You can bring outside food. There was a bag check at the park entrance.

What to do before fireworks start after 10pm?

Art Museum

The front door to enter the museum after the ticket office was unique. The museum ticket was free on July 4th.

Miniature of Fort Vancouver

When do the fireworks start?

Fireworks started around 10:05pm. It was already cold, so good to bring blankets.

Starting Fireworks
July 4th Signature Firework
There was a fire near the highway after the fireworks. Firefighters were able to stop the fire. Great Job!

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