How does growing Green Onions help budget? | Worth one month natural gas cost

Winter is here. It is very hard to grow plants outside in Portland Oregon. So, we need to figure out how to grow plants indoor.

One of the easiest vegetables to grow is green onions. Let’s see how growing green onions help budget at home.

A bunch of Organic Green onions costs $1.46 now (12/01/2019).

If we figure out how to grow a bunch of organic green onions every week, we can save $1.46 * 52 weeks = $76 per year.

This is about the same cost as the average monthly natural gas cost in Oregon.


Here is one experiment over Thanksgiving holiday. We will focus on growing green onions efficiently to save money.

Green Onions grow faster by focusing on roots. Making roots longer and bigger is important.

What helps green onions grow so far are

  1. Gather multiple green onions in a group – Green onions help each other grow!!!
  2. Clean roots a couple of days per week


More experiments coming up!

  1. How does light help grow?
  2. How does oxygen in water help grow?

Let’s see how we can save one month natural gas cost by growing green onions infinitely.


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