Grow vegetables at home after corona virus fear (mid January-mid February)

Earlier this year, I have started growing vegetables after fear from corona virus. Here is the timeline from mid January to mid February after this became serious in China.


China reported its final death. Source: New York Times:


The Unities Stets confirms corona virus cases. Source New York Times:


I bought Hydroponics Growing System by VegeBox

Open an Amazon shipping box and started planting pak choi (takes about 30-40 days)


Started sprouting (pak choi)


A cruise chip in Japan quarantined thousands. Now, this could happen anywhere over the world.

I’ve realized that growing vegetables helps stay inside to avoid a risk getting infected outside.


Pak Choi started growing

Regrowing green onions which I got from a grocery store

Started growing lettus

Now I have a system to grow vegetables inside.


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