Daisy-Chain Air Pump for multiple hydroponic setups


Now, one USB powered air pump only supports one hydroponic system from the previous post (link). What if I want to improve the capability of this USB powered air pump? For example, can this air pump support two hydroponic systems or even more? Let’s get it started.


Daisy-chain is used in electronics and also real flower like the picture below. It means that we connect multiple devices in series or in a linear system. For example, multiple daisies are connected through the stem in the picture below.

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With multiple air stones, we can achieve something similar.



Air Valve

To connect one more air stone, I purchased air valve connector from Amazon Link



Next step is to attach an air tube through the T-shape air valve . If one air tube is a lot longer than the other air tube, Most air coming out of the air pump goes to the shorter air tube. So, I need to cut the air tubes evenly for the two air stones from the air valve connector like the picture below.



Now, let’s try those two air stones to the two Basil setups.

I recycled apple juice bottles from Trader Joes. So, this is something that everybody can make easily.

Now two air stones are installed at the bottom of two hydroponics systes.


Air is coming out nicely from two air stones. So, one USB air pump can drive two hydroponic systems successfully!!!

Current Hydroponics System

This is the latest Basil Hydroponic systems. Next time, I will try to create a scalable air pump system across more hydroponic systems. Basils on the left are small and still growing up. Ones in the apple juice containers are mature and big now, so they are in separate containers.

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