Garden Progress | May 25 – May 31 2020


Spring is almost over and now it is supposed to get warmer and hotter. This week, I’ve made some updates on the website, indoor hydroponics, and outdoor garden. Let’s go over these.


  • New Site Logo
  • Indoor Garden: Basil
  • Outdoor Garden: Strawberry and flower


It has been a typical Oregon weather (unpredictable). There were hot and chilly days over the week. I hope it gets warmer, so tomato, peppers and eggplants grow faster outside.


Indoor Gardening

I’ve moved Basil to indoor (garage) and they are now growing faster. It has been a bit inconsistent weather and small basils are not so good with a lot of rain (mixture of water and soil) and they got black spots on leaves.

Now that air stoness are added, so more oxygen are coming in hydroponics system from a previous post. Daisy-Chain Air Pump for multiple hydroponic setups

Backyard Gardening


Spinach is now moved to outside and I’ve left this planter outside. It was very hot last Wednesday, so two out of five spinaches are dying now. Let’s see if they can recover.

Flowers (Strawberry)

Strawberry is getting ready for harvest in a couple of weeks.


Site Logo

I’ve always wanted to make my own website logo, so today I created one.
Looka (Link) is an online tool to create a nice-looking logo easily. So far, I like it with water and leaf symbol surrounded by the earth.

Color logo with background


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