Raspberry Pi 4 to Indoor Garden System


To control the Indoor hydroponics system, I would like to add a central computer system for environmental measured data and


Best Known Method (BKM) – 06/06/2020


  1. Raspberry Device: In this case of the tutorial, Raspberry Pi 4GB RAM is used
  2. Keyboard
  3. Mouse
  4. Monitor
  5. HDMI cable
  6. USB C cable for power
  7. Computer Monitor
  8. SD Card


  1. Raspberry Pi Imager
    • community introduced Raspberry Pi 32-bit OS (formerly Raspbian OS)
    • Download link is here: linkscreenshot_26
  2. Raspberry Pi Imager
    1. Select OS that you want to use
    2. Select your SD card (32GB is enough for most cases)
    3. Select Write – it takes about 10 mins depending on your computer and Internet speed.screenshot_27

Initial Bring-up the system:

    1. Raspberry Pi SetupIMG_7410
    2.  Raspberry Pi ScreenIMG_7411
    3. Now, changed the Raspberry Pi default background picture to Green Science LogoIMG_7412

Now, this computer works just like a regular computer.





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