Create a remote desktop/control to Raspberry Pi Hydroponic System | VNC and SSH


Now that the basic Raspberry Pi setup is done (Raspberry Pi 4 to Indoor Garden System), I would like to keep the Raspberry pi near the hydroponics system is (i.e. garage) and control this remotely from my laptop anywhere.

Best Know Method (BKM)

Raspberry Pi Set-up

  1. Go to Raspberry Icon –> Preference –> Raspberry Pi Configuration

2. Set SSH = “Enable” and VNC = “Enable” under “Interfaces” menu tab in Raspberry Pi Configuration like the picture below


3. Now, set a password under “System” menu tab for secure access


4. Check IP address. In this case, Usually, an IP address is automatically assigned by your home router.


5. Note that username is “pi.” hostname is “raspberrypi”


Raspberry Remote Desktop with Mac OS VNC Viewer example

  1. Download a free VNC Viewer: RealVNC Viewer Download Link

2. Type Raspberry Pi IP address ( and Hit Enter key. There is a warning message for the first time like the right picture and hit Continue.

3. Type username = pi as a default username. and your password.


4. Now, you can access to Raspberry Pi Desktop environment remotely using the same wifi network.

5E399547-91A9-4DA8-A6B2-F30B4D496B95_1_105_cLeft Monitor: Raspberry Pi. Right Monitor: MAC OS with a VNC viewer

SSH (Secure Shell)

  1. Make sure SSH is enabled under “Interfaces” menu on Raspberry Pi Configuration.screenshot_38
  2. Open a Terminal app on Mac OS
    • For Windows, WinSCP and Putty are famous applications for ssh access.

3. Now, you are on raspberrypi through ssh. You can type any commands here.

SSH with X-window

  1. For Mac OS, download XQuartz Download Link
  2. On XQaurtz, ssh -Y pi@

3. Type application names

Examples include:

  • vlc &
  • geany &
  • thonny &
screenshot_37VLC Media Player and Python IDE Thonny are called from Raspberry Pi
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