Infineon MCU XMC4200 Engineering Notes

XMC4200 Platform2Go Block Diagram

Infineon Microcontroller used in Element14 Sustain the World ChallengeCapture1


Jumper and USB Setting

  1. JP300: Arduino IO Voltage Selection between 3.3V and 5V Voltage
    • VDD3.3 is selected
    • Power LED VDD3.3 will be turned on GREEN
  2. X100: Micro USB Connector
    • Go to a PC for XMC4200 Microcontroller IC
  3. X101: Debug Micro USB Connector
    • Go to Infineon XMC4200 Debug IC (Dave debugger)
  4. Pin AssignmentCapture3.PNGCapture4Capture5.PNGCapture6.PNGCapture7


  • Only DAVE is supported
    • Infineon provides professional DAVE software development kit called DAVE at Software Tool Link
  • JTAG Chain and Driver
    • J-link
  • Unsupported
    • Arduino is not supported for XMC4200.
      • Instructions by Infineon at Weblink but XMC4200 is not supported at this point of time (July 28 2020)


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