Infineon DC Motor Shield with TLE94112EL


This DC motor shield can be assembled on Arduino Uno compatible development kit.

Block Diagram


Lab setup


Platform IO Coding

wire.h is not recognized at first, so, inside “platformio.ini,” lib_deps = Wire needs to be included to avoid an error when main.cpp was complied.

  • lib_deps = Wire, TLE94122
Capture_PlatformIO_wire_tle94112 Capture_PlatformIO_Lib_DC_Motor.PNG

Arduino Coding Explanation

  • Header Files

    • #include <TLE94112.h>
    • #include <Tle94123Motor.h>
    • #include <tle94112_conf.h>
  • TLE Object

    • Tle94112 controller = Tle94112();
  • Tle94112 Motor Objects

    • Tle94112 Motor motor1(controller);
    • Tle94112Motor motor2(controller);
  • void setup()

      // Enable MotorController Tle94112
      // Note: Required to be done before starting to configure the motor
      // Connect motor1 to HB1 and HB2
      motor1.connect(motor1.HIGHSIDE, controller.TLE_HB1);
      motor1.connect(motor1.LOWSIDE, controller.TLE_HB2);
      // Drive HB1 with signal from PWM1
      // Note: This allows to control the speed of the motor
      motor1.setPwm(motor1.HIGHSIDE, controller.TLE_PWM1);
      // Set PWM Frequency, default is 80 Hz
      motor1.setPwmFreq(motor1.HIGHSIDE, controller.TLE_FREQ100HZ);
      //when configuration is done, call begin to start operating the motors
  • void loop()

  // start the motor1 forwards on half speed
  // accelerate motor1 to full speed
           // Stop motor1


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