Siglent SPD3303 Python Programming


Siglent power supply is a reasonable power supply for hobbyists. This test equipment comes with three channels.

Hardware Setup

  • Channel 1: 32V (3.2A max)
  • Channel 2: 32V (3.2A max)
  • Channel 3: 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V (3.2A max)


To control the power supply from a computer in python (ex: MAC OS), I would recommend to install NI Visa and MAX.

NI MAX and Visa

When you open NI MAX software, you can see all hardware and peripheral information. SPD3000 unit is recognized as a USB device. For the pyvisa information, you need to get the VISA resource name like the picture below. screenshot_64.png

Visual Studio Code

I would recommend Visual Studio Code as programming environment if you would need cross-compiling environment.

  • Python package:
  • import pyvisa as visa to make sure pyvisa is used instead of just “visa”
  • Use python3 – python 2.x doesn’t work well with pyvisa for some reasons
  • is developed for function calls
  • Jupyter Notebook for the power supply control scripts

Using pyvisa package (, 


Jupyter Notebook for scripting

Visual Studio Code has Jupyter Notebook Plug-in. It is well  to write a spd3303x object class and write a power supply script as a sequence.

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