Grove Arduino Uno Base Shield with Infineon XMC4700 Relax Kit and Motor Shield


Good thing about Arduino form factor is there are a few Arduino shields for expanding serial communication and analog and digital pins just with wires. The base shield has breakout pins for I2C, Analog, Digital, and UART. There is a reset switch and switch between 3.3V and 5V IO voltage.

screenshot_75.pngGrove Arduino Uno Base Shield

The Grove Arduino Base Shield pins can break out the Arduino IO pins in the table below. With their 4-pin cables, we can connect to other sensor modules easily 🙂

Note that Arduino Uno has only one dedicated UART. So no Serial1 supported.



Now, with pins coming out the base shield, the three boards (base shield –> DC Motor Shield –> XMC4700 Relax kit) can be stacked together.

screenshot_76Arduino Uno Shield Cross-Section View

Here is the top down view with I2C based sensors.

screenshot_78Now Grove Base Shield on top of DC Motor Shield and XMC4700 Relax kit


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