Raspberry Pi 4: Python and Anaconda installation and Environment Setup

For productivity, automating software environment is essential. Especially, when there is only one person doing this as a hobby.

Python 3.7 Installation – 3.6 seems more usable for conda

I found this tutorial most useful for my environment. Weblink: Install python 3.6(3.7)

My environment is

  • Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM
  • Raspberry OS

Here are for my log on my terminal.

tar xf Python-3.7.9.tar.xz
cd Python-3.7.9
./configure –enable-optimizations
make -j -l 4
sudo make altinstall

This process took a couple of hours to complete.

sudo apt-get update to fix python=3.7.3 issue when running environment.yml

Anaconda Setup

#update apt
sudo apt update
sudo make altinstall
#change superuser password – raspberry pi su default password is null
sudo passwd
Conda Related for Raspberry Pi OS
Installing PyQt5 for Raspberry Pi OS
sudo apt install qt5-default pyqt5-dev pyqt5-dev-tools
Installing pandas
sudo apt-get install python-pandas
Installing pyqtgraph
sudo pip install pyqtgraph
this takes a few minutes and requires numpy
Installing qcodes
sudo pip install –ignore-installed qcodes
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