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Explore a New Park #12: Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, Oregon

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:



My favorite Oregon State Park


Smith Rock State Park Map


Rock from Parking Lot


Misery Ridge Trail Head



Hiked up to the first milestone.


Looking down – parking lot was found.


Tree on top


A couple of climbers were going up the Red Wall.


They reached the top!!!


The same climbers were going down through a rope from the top. Very challenging!!! This picture was taken from the other side of Red Wall.




Going down was scary. Not good for knee.


Going back was not as bad as the beginning. It was very peaceful.



ROCKHARD – hiking & Rock Climbing Gear, Ice Cream, and Smith Rock Sticker shop


This is the Strava Log – 5.22 miles, 1hr 26 mins Moving Time


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Explore a New Park #11: Painted Cove Trail, Mitchell Oregon

This is a hidden gem in the Painted Hills.

Park Feature

Park Highlight Picture


This small trail is part of big John Day Fossil Beds National Monument and the Painted Hills.


Driving on a unpaved road next to Painted Hills


Small Rock in the middle


Beautiful Painted Hill – looks like art


This trail only took us 30 mins, but it was very comfortable. Not many people were there, so we had enough time to take pictures and enjoy the art in nature.


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Explore a New Park #10: Noble Woods Park, Hillsboro Oregon

This park is located in the middle of a city called Hillsboro, Oregon. There is a very nice trail and creek surrounded by trees in residential area. This is a nice place for taking a dog for a walk.

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:


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Explore a New Park #9: Mosier Plateau Trail in Mosier Oregon

Park Features:




Waterfalls and swimming hole


There was a cemetery in the middle of the hiking trail.

We saw a horse while we were hiking. This town is a peaceful. Only 480 people live in Moises, Oregon.

On the way to the top, there were switchbacks and stairs were build nicely (evenly spaced), which helped us hike up easily rather than hiking on dirt.

This is the scenery  from the view point on top. You can see Columbia River and highway 84 where we drove from.

Another view point was near the cliff 20 mins hike from the top. It was very windy but the view was gorgeous. The picture below is towards East Oregon.

The picture below is towards West (Portland).

To respect the trail…

IMG_4403 (Edited).PNG


Grateful Dad Half Marathon, Portland Oregon

Race day was June 15 Saturday, 2019

7:30AM Packet Pickup

The parking was limited, so I had to do a street parking. There were a plenty of spots on street.

Start Position: https://goo.gl/maps/8NnmBExAhLjm56Wb9

event website: https://terrapinevents.com/event/grateful-dad-half-marathon/

My goal for this race is run a half marathon not at too fast pace for me but finish strong at the end because I was a little sick. It has been either too hot or cold this week.

Course Map – The course was very similar to Hop Hop Marathon in last April. Running along Columbia River and Portland Airport. The turnaround place for the half marathon was almost at the same spot.


Registration, Bib pick up and shops were close to each other. There was a huge line for toilets before the race.


8:30AM Half Marathon Start


This was the finish line.


Chill out after the race.



Hop Hop Half Marathon, Portland Oregon

This was a half marathon event in April 20, 2019 near Columbia River and Portland International Airport in April 2019.

It was a relatively small marathon event for Easter. The event was managed by Foot Traffic, which is a local running shoes and gear company in North West area.

Race website: https://foottraffic.us/hop-hop-half/

This picture was the start and finish line.

It was a little cold weather.

The course map shows running around the PDX airport and along Columbia River.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 3.55.57 PM

This picture below was taken while I was running along Portland International Airport, which was cool. I saw airplanes taking off and landing.

Here was the finish line.

After race event.

Finishers got a free glass of hop to drive and take the glass home.

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Explore a New Park No. 8 : Forest Park (Oregon Zoo to Burnside Rd) in Portland, Oregon

Here is the run after work. I ran on Wildwood trail. Today was another sunny day, so it was easy to get thirsty while running. The forest definitely helped cool down the temperature a little compared to running on concrete in a city.

Entrance to Wildwood trail!


Wildwood trail is a very famous trail for runners.

Unfortunately, the trail to pass the Burnside road all the way to Pittock Mansion was closed. So, I just ran on concrete a little to see traffic jam on Burnside Road and came back to Oregon Zoo. Good news is they are building a bridge over the Burnside Road according to this website. https://www.portlandpf.org/footbridge-over-burnside-construction-updates-1

This looks like we lose some of the uphill challenges 😛

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Explore a New Park No. 7: Bullards Beach State Park, Bandon, OR

Here is an Oregon State Park in Bandon along the Oregon Coast. 30 minutes away from Coos Bay, Oregon. Bandon was the hub for shipping between Portland, Oregon and San Francisco since 1800.

The lighthouse was built in 1896 and still in good shape. Inside the lighthouse, there is a gift shot and park rangers were working there.

Park features

  • Restroom: yes
  • Gift Shop: yes at the lighthouse
  • lots of parking
  • picnic area: yes
  • beach access: yes
  • No entrance fee

Park Tour Archive: Park Tour


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Explore a New Park No. 6: Mingus Park, Coos Bay, Oregon

This park gave me a surprise. The park has a trail on one side and large pond with bridges on the other side. There is a Japanese garden and very well maintained.

Park Features:

  • Hiking Distance: ~ 1.5 miles
  • Playground: Yes
  • Restroom: Yes
  • Disk Golf is available
  • Picnic Area: Yes
  • Lake and ducks are swimming

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/MZk4P4vUUNxugQEQ8


IMG_4267 (Edited)

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Jennifer’s Catching Slough Classic Half Marathon in Coos Bay, Oregon

Friday 6/7/2019

  • 5 PM: Finished work
  • 5:30 PM: Packed for a two-day trip
  • 6 PM: Drive to Coos Bay and had dinner in Springville
  • 11 PM: Arrived at hotel

Saturday 6/8/2019

  • 6 AM: Woke up
  • 6:30 AM: Ate breakfast
  • 7:15 AM: Left hotel to the start line of the race
  • 8 AM: Race Started

Race Archive: Running Race

Here is the result. I wondered why I ran more than half marathon distance (13.1 miles).

IMG_4266 (Edited)


After the race, I visited downtown, Coos Bay and walked around.

For lunch, I visited Shark Bites because I really wanted to eat seafood.

Crab Cake Benedict was very tasty.