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Explore a New Park #25: Colonel Summers Park, Portland Oregon


Again, on a Friday night after work, when we had no plan, why not watch a free movie and eat popcorn with other people in a park. This is a very friendly and safe place to hang around thanks to the City of Portland. On this day (7/12), they had this Movies in the Park event at Colonel Summers Park in East downtown Portland.

How to get there?

It takes about 8 mins drive from downtown Portland. The traffic towards a bridge across Willamette River can get heavy depending on time of a day.

Google Map:

How was the park?

Food and Drink

Free Popcorn, Boba tea, and Mexican food from food carts. Public Restroom (Portland Loo) is available.

Free Popcorn
Boba Tea

Park Features

Splash Pad
Baseball field


Tennis courts


Movies in the Park

Movie started around 9:30. The movie was Black Panther.

The list of Movies 2019:



There was a community garden next to the park. It is well maintained by a few people.

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Explore a New Park #23: Smith Rock Park | #hiking


How to get there?

Driving from Portland to Smith Rock Park is about 3 hours depending on traffic in Portland area.


$5 for day use. $30 for a year and $50 for 2 years.

Food, Drink, and Bathrooms?

We need to bring outside food and drink. The park recommends to bring extra water.

Toilets are available at the parking area and a couple of spots inside the park.

Flowers and Animals?

How was the hike?

Rock-climbers against the rock wall !!!

Monkey Face Rock. Three people were climbing up.

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Explore a New Park #22: Brooklyn City Park, Portland OR | #MoviesInthePark


Every summer in Portland Oregon, Portland Parks and Recreation by the City of Portland offer free movie and live music concerts with local music bands. This is a very friendly event and kids would love it.

The list of movies in 2019 summer is listed here:

Some movies listed here have different languages as audio and English as subtitles, so you would want to double-check if you are interested.

This post is sharing experience on Friday, July 5th 2019 with Fantastic Beasts for the movie and the Old Yellers for the music.

Park View with people and outside movie theater setup

Park and Event Highlight Picture

Where Is the Parking?

Street Parking is free in the neighborhood.

Google Map:

Brooklyn Park:

Who offer the free movies?

Portland Parks & Recreation by City of Portland. This event was well managed and trash cans and toilets were there. Here is the list of coming up events for the movies in the park.

What shall we do before the movie start?

The movie starts after dusk (it started around 9:30pm). Free concert starts around 6:30pm.

kids playground, basketball courts and baseball field are there.

Food and Drink?

Free popcorn and food carts are available. Everybody is welcome to bring any outside food.

How was the movie?

The movie was Fantastic Beasts: Crimes Of Grindelwald from 2018. The movie was a little more than 2 hours (2 hr and 13 min). This is the second movie of the “Fantastic Beasts” series. The content is about what happened before Harry Potter. Young Dumbledore was in the movie.

They played the DVD version. The movie started after 9:30 and finished around 11:30. It got very cold. Extra blankets would help.

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Explore a New Park #21: Fort Vancouver, Vancouver WA | July 4th Fireworks

Introduction | Fort Vancouver is a National Historical Park and they hold a July 4th Fireworks event. This is one of the biggest fireworks at West Coast. They play music while launch fireworks. They start fireworks after 10pm, which is later than other firework places. So, it is a good idea to bring warm cloths to wait for fireworks.

Park Features:

Highlight Picture


How to find parking spot?

Parking is free on July 4th on street. There would be traffic jam after fireworks, so if possible, I’d recommend to park where you could exit from crowd easily. For example, closer to entrance to highway.

There were a couple of people checking car traffic on Evergreen Blvd. You could park on Reserve St or before the bridge. You need to take a walk to the park.

Food and Gift Shops?

Yes, at Visitor Center and Food Cart. You can bring outside food. There was a bag check at the park entrance.

What to do before fireworks start after 10pm?

Art Museum

The front door to enter the museum after the ticket office was unique. The museum ticket was free on July 4th.

Miniature of Fort Vancouver

When do the fireworks start?

Fireworks started around 10:05pm. It was already cold, so good to bring blankets.

Starting Fireworks
July 4th Signature Firework
There was a fire near the highway after the fireworks. Firefighters were able to stop the fire. Great Job!

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Explore a New Park #20: the Oregon Garden, Silverton OR | July 3rd Fireworks

Introduction | Every year, the Oregon Garden offers fireworks and live music one day before Independence day (July 4th) in Silverton Oregon, United States.

Park Features:

Highlight Picture


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Explore a New Park #19: Lealt Falls, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Introduction | This was one of the best Highlands bus tour stop. It is a good and short hike with two water falls and trace of diatomite mining for dynamite.

Park Features:

Highlight Picture:



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Explore a New Park #18: West Highland Rail, Scotland UK | #HarryPotter

Introduction | Here is a trail trip from Fort William to Mallaig in West Scotland. This train rail road was used in the Harry Potter films for the Hogwarts Express.

Park (Train) Features:

Highlight Picture:

West Highland Railway.png


1. Train


2. Wizards Welcome 🙂


3. The famous bridge


4. View from the nearest park


5. Steam coming out of the train

6. Gift Shop inside the train – Of course Harry Potter gifts


7. End of gorgeous train trip


8. Last Train Station – Mallaig



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Explore a New Park #17: Timberline Lodge, Government Camp, Oregon |Short Hiking

Introduction | Timberline lodge is built at an elevation of 5,960 feet (1,817 meters) within Mount Hood. There are about two million visitors annually. It takes about 1 hr 30 mins from Portland and it is good for hiking during summer and winter sports (ex: skiing and snowboarding) for winter.

Park Features:

Highlight Picture: 



1.Road to Timberline – Highway US 26-West

Hwy26 -W and Mt Hood

2. Drove to downtown, Government Camp for bathroom break

3. Arrived at Timberline LodgeDSC_0747(1).JPG

4. In front of the lodgeDSC_0749(1).JPG

5. Timberline Lodge to mountains nearby. The lodge is at an elevation of 6000 feet.DSC_0750(1).JPG

6. Timberline Trail HeadDSC_0758(1).JPG

7. FlowerDSC_0762(1).JPG

8. Trail and Mt. Hood. It was cloudy.


9. Squirreldsc_07751.jpg

10. Entrance to Pacific Crest Trail (we turned around because of thunder storm)DSC_0778(1).JPG

11. SnowboardersDSC_0798(1).JPG

12. 10 minutes later. Thunderstorm…DSC_0795(1).JPG

13. SNOCAT Trucker by Timberline Lodge



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Explore a New Park #16: Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow UK

Glasgow Necropolis is next to Glasgow Cathedral. Necropolis means a large and historical cemetery. There were roughly 50,000 people buried here and about 3,500 monuments. Glasgow Cathedral is built in 1197 and it has been maintained well for more than 800 years. (Reference: Wikipedia)

Park Features:

Park Highlight:

Glasgow Necropolis.png


Park Map


Glasgow Cathedral


Inside Cathedral


Necropolis View

Tallest Monument at Necropolis

Duncan Macfarlan was a Scottish minister.



One of the best views to see the tallest monument and Glasgow Cathedral


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