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Travel: Crack in the Ground

Crack in the Ground is a hidden and very surprising landscape. You will never forget this, which is in middle of nowhere in Central Oregon, United States. We can walk for 2 miles (3 miles) with this very unique pathway between 70 feet (21 m) deep walls. The difficulty is moderate for hikers and I highly recommend it for once in life. Good thing is not crowded but a little hard to drive on unpaved road to get there.


GPS coordinates:

43.3336° N, 120.6723° W

Admission Fee:



Travel, Travel Oregon

Travel: Alpaca Farm

I love visiting farms because I dream about farming vegetables and animals in a bigger scale in the future (or after retirement 🙂 ). I found one of the best friendly farms among vegetables and animal farms is actually Alpaca farms. Watching alpacas is very relaxing and holding alpaca infants is very interesting experience. Even if they are only three days old, they can stand up and look already about 1 foot tall.

As you can imagine, alpacas are very soft and light weighted. Interestingly, even though they have nice fibers, they are not good at being outside during winter.


Cute Alpacas

I heard that male alpacas tend to spit at a human, so stay away from male alpacas.

They live about 20 years. We can even pet them at home…

It is always a nice break to visit alpaca farms if you live in a big city or if you just get tired of busy life. Alpacas can certainly relax and entertain you for sure 🙂