DIY Electronics


I am slowly building a home lab after we moved to a house. Because of stay home order, I am decorating and organizing the office space to switch between work and hobby areas efficiently.

Let’s do a lab tour.


Home Lab

  • Computer Desk

Two 24-inch monitors: I tried 19-inch, 24-inch, and 32-inch monitors. I found that the 24-inch dual monitors work best for me.

I like myself surrounded by ducks from all over the world.        11FF55F9-0A72-4392-A458-96EA85A0939E_1_105_c

  • Soldering Station


  • Lab Bench

Microcontroller Development Boards

  1. STEMTera Breadboard: 100% Arduino UNO Compatible
  2. Arduino Micro
  3. Micropython

FPGA Development Boards

  1. Xilinx Minized
  2. Altera MAX10 Board

Testing Area

  • Garage


  • Backyard


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