Home Lab


I am slowly building a home lab after we moved to a house. I am decorating and organizing the office space to switch between work and hobby areas efficiently.

Let’s do a home lab tour.

Computer Desk


Ver 2: Switched to 38-inch LG Monitor (Amazon Link). CalDigit TS3 (Amazon Link) works well between work and personal computers. It also works well with Windows computers and Apple Macbook Pro with one Thunderbolt cable.


Ver 1: Two 24-inch monitors: I tried 19-inch, 24-inch, and 32-inch monitors. I found that the 24-inch dual monitors work best for me.

I like myself surrounded by ducks from all over the world.        11FF55F9-0A72-4392-A458-96EA85A0939E_1_105_c

Lab Bench

My goal is to develop a DIY table like Animal Crossing



Micro-controller Development Boards

  1. Infineon Platform2Go XMC4200

  2. STEMTera Breadboard: 100% Arduino UNO Compatible

FPGA Development Boards

  1. Xilinx Minized

  2. Altera MAX10 Board


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