Smart Hydroponic System

Prototype Concept

The idea is design an indoor smart hydroponic system which we can measure the environmental changes with sensors using Infineon products.

Element 14 Design Challenge – Sustain the World

Here is a block diagram of the concept design.


The idea is to create a photosynthesis inside garage and optimize the plant growth.


I’ve got the 2nd prize (runner up) in 2020 Element 14 Sustain the World Challenge contest

Element 14 Sustain the World Challenge Blog pages

I built a proof-of-concept system in my garage.


I compared this PoC system with a commercial hydroponic system. Even though this system looks more like DIY work, we can monitor environmental changes over time and add extra control like wind and oxygen to the hydroponic system!

Here is the summary of the feature sets

This Smart Hydroponic System
Commercial Hydroponic System
Light Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes
Water Level Sensor Yes but broken (new water level sensor is coming) No
Temperature No – Can be supported but running out of I2C connection No
Humidity No – can be supported but running out of I2C connection No
Cooling Fan Yes No
Air Pump Yes No
Exterior decoration Bad – Looks like DIY Good
Remote Control Yes – light, air pump No
Camera Yes with Real Sense Camera No
CO2 Sensor Yes No
TDS (Total Dissolved Solid Sensor) Yes No



Infineon XMC4700 Relax Lite with Platform IO


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