Gardening: Asparagas First Stem

Today, one asparagas stem popped up after started with roots on 1/28/2017.  Now it is becoming green.

Usually, for the first year after plant asparagas roots, a few stems are only supposed to pop up. We can start collecting a handful number of asparagus from second or third year. They will grow for 10 to 15 years.

This tells that spring is coming soon 🙂 I am interested how this first stem grows.



Gardening: Asparagus

Asparagus is productive for 10 years, so it meets my reproductive gardening. However, growing aspragus can be very time consuming if you start from seeds. It takes two to three years for seeds to grow to produce nice stems.  So, I started from roots this year.

Started on 1/22/2017

First stem show up on 2/20/2017


If we grow under light, stems will be green, so called green asparagus. Without light, stems will be white, so they will be white asparagus.

Since this is very slow progress, I will just enjoy watching it every month. Some stems are expected to grow up in Spring.