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Explore a New Park #14: Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach, Oregon

This is close to Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast. One of the best state park on Oregon Coast.

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:



We need to drive a couple of miles from downtown Cannon Beach to Ecola State Park entrance.


The pay machine can accept credit card and cash.

Pay Station

The view from Ecola Point.

Unfortunately No beach access from the first view point.

Another trail was closed because of winter storm.


From another parking spot (Indian Point), there is a beach access to Indian Beach. There were a few surfers.

It said the trail was closed but it was open…




Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
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Explore a New Park #12: Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, Oregon

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:



My favorite Oregon State Park


Smith Rock State Park Map


Rock from Parking Lot


Misery Ridge Trail Head



Hiked up to the first milestone.


Looking down – parking lot was found.


Tree on top


A couple of climbers were going up the Red Wall.


They reached the top!!!


The same climbers were going down through a rope from the top. Very challenging!!! This picture was taken from the other side of Red Wall.




Going down was scary. Not good for knee.


Going back was not as bad as the beginning. It was very peaceful.



ROCKHARD – hiking & Rock Climbing Gear, Ice Cream, and Smith Rock Sticker shop


This is the Strava Log – 5.22 miles, 1hr 26 mins Moving Time


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Explore a New Park #10: Noble Woods Park, Hillsboro Oregon

This park is located in the middle of a city called Hillsboro, Oregon. There is a very nice trail and creek surrounded by trees in residential area. This is a nice place for taking a dog for a walk.

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:


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Explore a New Park No. 7: Bullards Beach State Park, Bandon, OR

Here is an Oregon State Park in Bandon along the Oregon Coast. 30 minutes away from Coos Bay, Oregon. Bandon was the hub for shipping between Portland, Oregon and San Francisco since 1800.

The lighthouse was built in 1896 and still in good shape. Inside the lighthouse, there is a gift shot and park rangers were working there.

Park features

  • Restroom: yes
  • Gift Shop: yes at the lighthouse
  • lots of parking
  • picnic area: yes
  • beach access: yes
  • No entrance fee

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Explore a New Park No. 6: Mingus Park, Coos Bay, Oregon

This park gave me a surprise. The park has a trail on one side and large pond with bridges on the other side. There is a Japanese garden and very well maintained.

Park Features:

  • Hiking Distance: ~ 1.5 miles
  • Playground: Yes
  • Restroom: Yes
  • Disk Golf is available
  • Picnic Area: Yes
  • Lake and ducks are swimming

Google Map Link:


IMG_4267 (Edited)

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Jennifer’s Catching Slough Classic Half Marathon in Coos Bay, Oregon

Friday 6/7/2019

  • 5 PM: Finished work
  • 5:30 PM: Packed for a two-day trip
  • 6 PM: Drive to Coos Bay and had dinner in Springville
  • 11 PM: Arrived at hotel

Saturday 6/8/2019

  • 6 AM: Woke up
  • 6:30 AM: Ate breakfast
  • 7:15 AM: Left hotel to the start line of the race
  • 8 AM: Race Started

Race Archive: Running Race

Here is the result. I wondered why I ran more than half marathon distance (13.1 miles).

IMG_4266 (Edited)


After the race, I visited downtown, Coos Bay and walked around.

For lunch, I visited Shark Bites because I really wanted to eat seafood.

Crab Cake Benedict was very tasty.


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Explore a New Park No. 4: Cooper Mountain, Beaverton Oregon

Here is one of my best trail running spots after work. There are uphills and downhills, so good for exercise.

Park Features

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Capital FC Half Marathon Report, Salem Oregon

Here is my half marathon report in June, 2019. The running race archive is here; Running Race

5 am: Woke up and Ate breakfast, had good sleep till 3:30 because of anxiety for waking up on time

6 am: Drive to Salem from home, about 1 hr, very light traffic. The Sun was already up, so it was an enjoyable drive.

7 am: Arrived at the parking lot in Salem, Oregon. Got a bib.

7:30 am: Start the race

9:15 am: Finish the race

10:30 am: back home and take shower, eat lunch, and took a nap 🙂 The best part of running a race is to take a nap for me.

During race …

Race Strategy: Goal was trying to run about 7:30/mile pace and see how long I can run.

Legs: This time, I had enough muscle and energy on my legs till 10 miles. The last two – three miles, I was feeling the legs are stiff. So, next training plan is running 10 miles more often to build muscle on my legs.

Breathing: I felt okay at 7:30/mile pace.

Body Weight: I started feeling heavy after 9 miles. Then I realized one time that my body weight was making lower body work hard during the race. I think I should lose some weight for running a long distance.

Capital FC is a football team in Salem, Oregon
Finish line