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Explore a New Park #23: Smith Rock Park | #hiking


How to get there?

Driving from Portland to Smith Rock Park is about 3 hours depending on traffic in Portland area.


$5 for day use. $30 for a year and $50 for 2 years.

Food, Drink, and Bathrooms?

We need to bring outside food and drink. The park recommends to bring extra water.

Toilets are available at the parking area and a couple of spots inside the park.

Flowers and Animals?

How was the hike?

Rock-climbers against the rock wall !!!

Monkey Face Rock. Three people were climbing up.

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Explore a New Park #9: Mosier Plateau Trail in Mosier Oregon

Park Features:




Waterfalls and swimming hole


There was a cemetery in the middle of the hiking trail.

We saw a horse while we were hiking. This town is a peaceful. Only 480 people live in Moises, Oregon.

On the way to the top, there were switchbacks and stairs were build nicely (evenly spaced), which helped us hike up easily rather than hiking on dirt.

This is the scenery  from the view point on top. You can see Columbia River and highway 84 where we drove from.

Another view point was near the cliff 20 mins hike from the top. It was very windy but the view was gorgeous. The picture below is towards East Oregon.

The picture below is towards West (Portland).

To respect the trail…

IMG_4403 (Edited).PNG


Up The Lazy Run 10k Race in West Linn, Oregon

Here is my monthly running event in May 2019. This was a very organized event and it was easy to follow the course. The Park is beautiful and running around Willamette River was gorgeous.

For the course, there were downhills and uphills with elevations of 200 feet, which was challenging.

For my personal experience, I think I did good overall but I should do more speed practice to run faster. I felt I can go faster but not trained enough to run at faster speed.


Date: 5/27/2019

Start: 9:00AM

Place: Mary S. Young Park

Registration fee: $40


Time: 46:14

Pace: 7:27 per mile

Race Registration

Food & drink and shop

Before the race

After the race

Strava log