Backyard Gardening #4: 2019 June Week 4

Backyard Garden Highlight:

Our regular plants are growing faster as the summer is coming.

Now, strawberry season is almost over. Based on my experience, after strawberry, we are starting to collect blueberry. Yes, blueberry is almost ready.

This week, we purchased new plants from FredMeyer.

We like Japanese plants provided by Iwasaki Brothers.


New Plants:

Watermelon, cucumber, bean, and winter squash. Watermelon and winter squash grow horizontally. Cucumber and bean grow vertically, so they need some support.

Growing in progress:

Japanese Long Eggplant: I am expecting in a couple of weeks, start collecting some eggplants. Here in Oregon, we can harvest eggplants twice (July and September). 

Tomato: This year, I am trying to prune tomato frequently. Last year, I didn’t. So, when we went out for vacation, tomato started growing everywhere to left and right and up. When I came back in July, tomato plants grew so much that they fell down without support. 


Finally Blueberry is ready to harvest. This blueberry tree is three years old.



Backyard Gardening #3: 2019 June Week 3

Backyard Gardening Update in June 2019.

Finally, the weather in Portland, Oregon is sunny in most days. This means that vegetables that need sunshine grow faster.

Snapshot of the backyard garden:


Growing in progress:

  1. Eggplant: First eggplant. Expecting this to be ready to eat in a couple of weeks. With more sunshine, the plant becomes more dark purple.


2. Blueberry: berries are starting to be dark blue.



  1. Strawberry has been very good in the past week. Time to pick up a lot of strawberries.







Backyard Gardening #1: 2019 June Week 1

Here is my gardening update.

Strawberry: In a couple of weeks, we should be able to pick up fresh strawberry from our backyard. This strawberry is 3 years old, so the strawberry crown is big now. There are 1st and 2nd generation strawberry plants.

Japanese Eggplants: It is good to cut the first flower (which I did) so that we can grow the stem and make the size bigger.

Blueberry: Now, lots of green blueberries. Need a couple of more weeks to start eating 🙂

Flower: This smaller one was from last year. It survived over the last winter, which I didn’t expect. Plus, it looks bigger.