Grateful Dad Half Marathon, Portland Oregon

Race day was June 15 Saturday, 2019

7:30AM Packet Pickup

The parking was limited, so I had to do a street parking. There were a plenty of spots on street.

Start Position: https://goo.gl/maps/8NnmBExAhLjm56Wb9

event website: https://terrapinevents.com/event/grateful-dad-half-marathon/

My goal for this race is run a half marathon not at too fast pace for me but finish strong at the end because I was a little sick. It has been either too hot or cold this week.

Course Map – The course was very similar to Hop Hop Marathon in last April. Running along Columbia River and Portland Airport. The turnaround place for the half marathon was almost at the same spot.


Registration, Bib pick up and shops were close to each other. There was a huge line for toilets before the race.


8:30AM Half Marathon Start


This was the finish line.


Chill out after the race.


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Jennifer’s Catching Slough Classic Half Marathon in Coos Bay, Oregon

Friday 6/7/2019

  • 5 PM: Finished work
  • 5:30 PM: Packed for a two-day trip
  • 6 PM: Drive to Coos Bay and had dinner in Springville
  • 11 PM: Arrived at hotel

Saturday 6/8/2019

  • 6 AM: Woke up
  • 6:30 AM: Ate breakfast
  • 7:15 AM: Left hotel to the start line of the race
  • 8 AM: Race Started

Race Archive: Running Race

Here is the result. I wondered why I ran more than half marathon distance (13.1 miles).

IMG_4266 (Edited)


After the race, I visited downtown, Coos Bay and walked around.

For lunch, I visited Shark Bites because I really wanted to eat seafood.

Crab Cake Benedict was very tasty.


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Explore a New Park No. 4: Cooper Mountain, Beaverton Oregon

Here is one of my best trail running spots after work. There are uphills and downhills, so good for exercise.

Park Features

If you like this post, Park Archive Page is summarized here. Park Tour


Capital FC Half Marathon Report, Salem Oregon

Here is my half marathon report in June, 2019. The running race archive is here; Running Race

5 am: Woke up and Ate breakfast, had good sleep till 3:30 because of anxiety for waking up on time

6 am: Drive to Salem from home, about 1 hr, very light traffic. The Sun was already up, so it was an enjoyable drive.

7 am: Arrived at the parking lot in Salem, Oregon. Got a bib.

7:30 am: Start the race

9:15 am: Finish the race

10:30 am: back home and take shower, eat lunch, and took a nap 🙂 The best part of running a race is to take a nap for me.

During race …

Race Strategy: Goal was trying to run about 7:30/mile pace and see how long I can run.

Legs: This time, I had enough muscle and energy on my legs till 10 miles. The last two – three miles, I was feeling the legs are stiff. So, next training plan is running 10 miles more often to build muscle on my legs.

Breathing: I felt okay at 7:30/mile pace.

Body Weight: I started feeling heavy after 9 miles. Then I realized one time that my body weight was making lower body work hard during the race. I think I should lose some weight for running a long distance.

Capital FC is a football team in Salem, Oregon
Finish line



Explore a New Park No. 2: Graham Oaks Nature Park, Wilsonville Oregon

Good sunny Saturday. Before it gets too hot to run, I started running in the morning and enjoyed the nature and flowers. This is my first time to run in Graham Oaks Nature Park, so I had to try every trail inside the park. This park is next to Pre, Primary, and Middle Schools. The school is encouraging kids to grow plants as I saw a lot of plants. I’d recommend this park for about 1 hour if you are nearby.

Park Features:

Park Tour Archive: Park Tour


Up The Lazy Run 10k Race in West Linn, Oregon

Here is my monthly running event in May 2019. This was a very organized event and it was easy to follow the course. The Park is beautiful and running around Willamette River was gorgeous.

For the course, there were downhills and uphills with elevations of 200 feet, which was challenging.

For my personal experience, I think I did good overall but I should do more speed practice to run faster. I felt I can go faster but not trained enough to run at faster speed.


Date: 5/27/2019

Start: 9:00AM

Place: Mary S. Young Park

Registration fee: $40


Time: 46:14

Pace: 7:27 per mile

Race Registration
Food & drink and shop

Before the race
After the race
Strava log