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Explore a New Park #20: the Oregon Garden, Silverton OR | July 3rd Fireworks

Introduction | Every year, the Oregon Garden offers fireworks and live music one day before Independence day (July 4th) in Silverton Oregon, United States.

Park Features:

Highlight Picture


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Explore a New Park #19: Lealt Falls, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Introduction | This was one of the best Highlands bus tour stop. It is a good and short hike with two water falls and trace of diatomite mining for dynamite.

Park Features:

Highlight Picture:



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Explore a New Park #18: West Highland Rail, Scotland UK | #HarryPotter

Introduction | Here is a trail trip from Fort William to Mallaig in West Scotland. This train rail road was used in the Harry Potter films for the Hogwarts Express.

Park (Train) Features:

Highlight Picture:

West Highland Railway.png


1. Train


2. Wizards Welcome 🙂


3. The famous bridge


4. View from the nearest park


5. Steam coming out of the train

6. Gift Shop inside the train – Of course Harry Potter gifts


7. End of gorgeous train trip


8. Last Train Station – Mallaig



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Explore a New Park #17: Timberline Lodge, Government Camp, Oregon |Short Hiking

Introduction | Timberline lodge is built at an elevation of 5,960 feet (1,817 meters) within Mount Hood. There are about two million visitors annually. It takes about 1 hr 30 mins from Portland and it is good for hiking during summer and winter sports (ex: skiing and snowboarding) for winter.

Park Features:

Highlight Picture: 



1.Road to Timberline – Highway US 26-West

Hwy26 -W and Mt Hood

2. Drove to downtown, Government Camp for bathroom break

3. Arrived at Timberline LodgeDSC_0747(1).JPG

4. In front of the lodgeDSC_0749(1).JPG

5. Timberline Lodge to mountains nearby. The lodge is at an elevation of 6000 feet.DSC_0750(1).JPG

6. Timberline Trail HeadDSC_0758(1).JPG

7. FlowerDSC_0762(1).JPG

8. Trail and Mt. Hood. It was cloudy.


9. Squirreldsc_07751.jpg

10. Entrance to Pacific Crest Trail (we turned around because of thunder storm)DSC_0778(1).JPG

11. SnowboardersDSC_0798(1).JPG

12. 10 minutes later. Thunderstorm…DSC_0795(1).JPG

13. SNOCAT Trucker by Timberline Lodge



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Explore a New Park #16: Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow UK

Glasgow Necropolis is next to Glasgow Cathedral. Necropolis means a large and historical cemetery. There were roughly 50,000 people buried here and about 3,500 monuments. Glasgow Cathedral is built in 1197 and it has been maintained well for more than 800 years. (Reference: Wikipedia)

Park Features:

Park Highlight:

Glasgow Necropolis.png


Park Map


Glasgow Cathedral


Inside Cathedral


Necropolis View

Tallest Monument at Necropolis

Duncan Macfarlan was a Scottish minister.



One of the best views to see the tallest monument and Glasgow Cathedral


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Explore a New Park #15: Calton Hill Edinburgh UK

Park Features:

Park Highlight:

Calton Hill - Edinburgh UK.png


Pictures taken from the top of Nelson Monument Tower

  1. National Monument of Scotland

DSC_0141 - Copy.JPG

2. Collective


3. Dugald Stewart Monument and City View


4. Picture on the towerDSC_0162.JPG

5. Downtown and Edinburgh CastleDSC_0163.JPG

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Explore a New Park #10: Noble Woods Park, Hillsboro Oregon

This park is located in the middle of a city called Hillsboro, Oregon. There is a very nice trail and creek surrounded by trees in residential area. This is a nice place for taking a dog for a walk.

Park Features:

Park Highlight Picture:


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Explore a New Park #9: Mosier Plateau Trail in Mosier Oregon

Park Features:




Waterfalls and swimming hole


There was a cemetery in the middle of the hiking trail.

We saw a horse while we were hiking. This town is a peaceful. Only 480 people live in Moises, Oregon.

On the way to the top, there were switchbacks and stairs were build nicely (evenly spaced), which helped us hike up easily rather than hiking on dirt.

This is the scenery  from the view point on top. You can see Columbia River and highway 84 where we drove from.

Another view point was near the cliff 20 mins hike from the top. It was very windy but the view was gorgeous. The picture below is towards East Oregon.

The picture below is towards West (Portland).

To respect the trail…

IMG_4403 (Edited).PNG

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Explore a New Park No. 7: Bullards Beach State Park, Bandon, OR

Here is an Oregon State Park in Bandon along the Oregon Coast. 30 minutes away from Coos Bay, Oregon. Bandon was the hub for shipping between Portland, Oregon and San Francisco since 1800.

The lighthouse was built in 1896 and still in good shape. Inside the lighthouse, there is a gift shot and park rangers were working there.

Park features

  • Restroom: yes
  • Gift Shop: yes at the lighthouse
  • lots of parking
  • picnic area: yes
  • beach access: yes
  • No entrance fee

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